Why we should practice yoga

07.08.2022 1 minute read
Cordelia top tips on why we should practice yoga through the summer months:☀️ INCREASED FLEXIBILITYThe heat makes the body more limber and flexible, which will increase. The chances of us  achieving deeper levels in all our asana postures … Yay!☀️SELF-CARESummer months often mean more socialising with family and friends but it’s important to keep the balance. So, your yoga time will guarantee you some very important ME TIME.☀️FEEL FIT AND HEALTHYConsistency of yoga practice through the summer means you’ll be much fitter come Autumn and it won’t feel so daunting trying to get back into a healthy routine.☀️SOAK UP THE SUNWe can practice yoga outside - the perfect opportunity to connect with Mother Nature (Gai) and feel amazingly grounded. We also get to soak up more daylight and vitamin D - enhancing our mood and improving our sleep quality!☀️CALM & RELAXSummer months can get hot and intense, Yoga helps relax our nerves and feel a true sense of calm and ease with the world around us.Love and light alwaysCordelia xInsta