Whole Supp & Huel comparison

01.08.2022 3 minute read

Previously we outlined the differences between Whole Supp and yfood & in our view Whole Supp certainly came out on top. This time around we’re going to do the same with Huel’s V3.0 powder. Of course, as always the final verdict will be left up to you - but, we at Whole Supp think we can guide you towards the right choice.


First up we will take a look at the below table which summarises the main aspects of both Whole Supp & Huel V3.0.



Per serving

Whole Supp powder (Vanilla)

Huel V3.0 powder (Vanilla)







Gluten Free

Yes - As standard

No - Additional cost







Contains Soy




90% recycled materials, plastic free (home compostable)

Not recyclable or compostable (made from foil & plastic)


When comparing these two products there are a lot of similarities, but Whole Supp goes that extra mile with our sustainable approach and the addition of super greens & reds to our dynamic formula. Our omega 3:6 profile is also in line with health recommendations [1] [2].


First let’s take a look at the similarities. Whole Supp and Huel both contain a substantial dose of protein, with Whole Supp coming out narrowly on top with an extra 2g. Whole Supp is gluten free as standard with every pouch sold, whereas Huel have an extra cost of £5 per bag for a gluten free version of their powder. The two powders are equal in fat content - although Whole Supp has a more desirable omega 3:6 profile. Fibre is also abundant in both products with Huel only 0.3g ahead.


The omega 3:6 ratio in Huel is 1:0.9, whereas Whole Supp boasts a 1:3.8 ratio. The ratio provided by Whole Supp is at the peak end of recommended intakes to optimise health. The omega profile in Whole Supp comes from natural sources such as coconut, sunflower seeds and flax seeds. The inclusion of these healthy sources of fats in your diet is essential.


Whole Supp and Huel both contain carotenoids Zeaxanthin & Lutein, which both provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to protect cell damage from free radicals. Carotenoids are particularly beneficial to eye health, as they prevent macular damage associated with ageing, maintaining eyesight into older adulthood [3]. Whole Supp boasts a larger dose of each of these eye-protecting carotenoids with 0.4mg of Zeaxanthin to Huel’s 0.1mg & 2mg of Lutein compared to Huel’s 1.2mg.


Both products contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals, but Whole Supp has the added bonus of super greens broccoli and spinach & super reds beetroot and tart cherries. These additional components give Whole Supp the extra benefits of many nutrients and antioxidants such as sulforaphane, dietary nitrates, polyphenols and flavonoids. For more information on tart cherries, broccoli and spinach check out our other blogs on how they can impact our health positively [4] [5] [6].


Finally, Whole Supp’s packaging is most definitely more sustainable and earth friendly than Huel’s. Whole Supp’s pouch is home compostable and will break down in as little as 120 days in your compost heap. The packaging that arrives at your doorstep containing Whole Supp is also 100% recyclable and Whole Supp uses non-toxic ink made from vegetables. There is no comparison on this front when it comes to Huel, as Huel does not even boast a recyclable pouch, let alone a home compostable one.


Once again, Whole Supp has come out on top in our eyes, but the true winner out of these two products will be left up to you! Let us know what you think of this comparison and who you would like to see us compare Whole Supp to next.